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April 2007
NTel will have a new sip gateway installed on April's Fools day. This new server will allow us to expand our VoIP services. If you have an unliminted incoming plan from your cellular provider, you can sign up for our call back service. Call our gateway and receive a busy signal (no charge, call was not connected), hang up and our server will call you back immediately from the number on the call display. The resulting incoming call is free, when you answer, you are now able to make an out going call to over 380 telehpone networks world wide. Long distance charges applies. Also, in the works, is a loyality calling card programme. We now offer DID numbers (In bound phone numbers) for many destinations world wide. Contact us for details.

March 2007
Sales of KiInvoice is picking up, everyone likes the simplicity of the program. A minor release was issued due to some printing problems, please upgrade your copy if you haven't already done so. We plan to release a version that supports quotations in a few months. So be on the look out for that.

March is the month for the ICC Cricket World Cup, so enjoy the tournaments.

February 2007
Windows Vista is now on sale. As with previous versions of Windows, it is better to perform a complete install rather than an upgrade. There are four retail versions available in North America and a stripped down version called Starter for under developed countries. The four retail versions are Home Basic, Home Premium, Business and Ultimate. There is another version called Enterprise for large organizations. It offers a few more features over the Business edition. Notably UNIX support and Virtualization. Our evaluation indicates that the Business version is ideal for most. Home Premium is adequate if you do not require Remote Desktop and Advanced Networking Services. For a complete reference of features, check the link below.

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Happy Chinese New Year - Kung Hey Fat Choi

January 2007
The new year is upon us. Time to give the site a whole new look. Expect lots of exciting changes in the coming months. Microsoft Vista will be released this year and expectations are high. KiInvoice 2.0 is due shortly. Expect a server version this year.

Have a Happy New Year and a Prosperous 2007

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